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Violence Solves Everything!

My article from summer 2006. One site http://nlr.atspace.com/ has copied it their "Articles"-cathegory without my permission. It is shame that if someone cannot write something, he/she copies it from others and not even ask permission. However, it is not illegal and in i-net world you can copy almost whatever you want, but publishing other's articles/texts without their permission is atleast cowardly.

Ok, complaining about poor idiots without own imagination or opinions is not main idea of that post, so here we go:

     Have you ever heard phrazes "African countries are poor so we must help them", "We have duty to safe africans and bring them to here" and "It is white man's fault that Africa is poor and ruined"? I bet that you have heard atleast one of those phrazes. In modern-times we live era of mass-immigration and about 95% that comes from south to north, from third world to first world, and now also to former east-block. Also Finno-Ugric countries are one target nowadays of mass-immigration, but why?
     Almost whole Africa had been colonies of European states over 50 years untill post-WWII times. And naturally colonialism has ruined Africa, just like imperialism always do. Many charity-organizations also in our independent countries collect alot of money to developing countries, and is that wrong? Yes it is! Now I might sound cruel and egoistic person who wants bad to poor africans, but before thinking that I suggest you read to that whole article.
     About colonialism; Finland have been colony of Sweden and Russia many hundred years, Estonia have been colony of Sweden, Russia and Teutonic Order longer than Finland, and most our areas are still colonies. Do we ask money from richer countries? No! Have we ever asked? No! So why those liberal and "good-willing" charity-organizations always says that "Africa needs money, send your money, send clothes, send food, help us to help etc..."? Why those "humanists" cannot give Africa to possibility to stand up in their own two feet? Just like we Finno-Ugrics have always stayed. Colonialism-era was certainly wrong, but how many colonies Finno-Ugric states had? How much we stole from Africa in that era? Answer to both questions is 0. So why we should pay and feel sorry what France, England, Spain, Portugal, Belgium etc. have done? I can understand if someone thinks that those ex-imperialist states are quilty, but why our people should be sorry for other's mistakes? It was not our fault!
     Those same humanists says that we have duties to take africans here, because they deserve good change to better life. Well, that idea has led to that that you cannot go out anymore, even to shop, in many areas of our cities and naturally native-population suffers. For example, if Finland has getting riches, why we should let others to enjoy that? Again I can understand if those africans go to those western-countries what ruled once to their country, though I don't accept that, but I cannot even understand why they comes to our countries. And the most idiotisc thing is that again some "humanists" want them to here much more than those africand itself want to come.
     The most ridiculous claims what I have heard about that issue are "Remember slavery when whites took millions africans to slaves and most of them died", "Western civilization still keeps Africa under control", and "White man has naturally racist towards blacks". Now I answer to those claims:
     Claim number one: Yes, slavery was bad thing, but again, how many african slaves we Finno-Ugrics have taken? Why we should feel sorry only if our skincolour is same what those slave-traders had? There is no reason to be sorry and we have no duties to pay back anything, because we are innocent.
     Claim number two: Western civilization really destroys original cultures, but is that our fault? Remember that we had to adopt western civilization by sword. Before taking care of african "cultures" we should restore our own old cultures.
     Claim number three: White man is naturally racist, but not only towards blacks. Just like black man is racist, yellow man is racist and so on. Racism not means actually hate but selfprotection. There is no even one white race, so putting people to categories "white", "black" "yellow" is itself ridiculous.
     So, is helping poor people wrong? No, it is not wrong, but nowadays our brothers and sisters in Mari-El and many other areas lives in poverty. We should first help them, and when everyone who belongs to our Finno-Ugric family has things well, then we can look to those nations, what are not part of us. Own people first! Just like I suggest poor African countries looking help from those African countries who has things better. So, if you want to help, help your own people first. I call that to humanism.

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Term ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government) is widely known amongst nationalists and racialists, but I prefer term GOG (Gutian Occupied Goverment).

Gutians were nation in north of Sumer. And as we know, Sumer was cradle of all Eurasian civilizations and it was populated by nomads from Carpathian Basin, and Carpathian Basin and steppes of Ukraine are original area of Turanians. Gutians were barbarian nation who had no ability to create any culture. Naturally gutians envied Sumer and Sumerians great civilizations. When Sumerian citystates fought against each others and there was no unity, gutians attacked. Gutians got help from semites and they managed to get power in Sumer. Many Sumerians were killed and others escaped to north. Gudea, King of Lagas managed to restore Sumer Empire for a short term, but after him, gutians and semites totally destroyed whole country.

It happened almost 4000 years ago, but gutians are still alive and there is many ten millions of them in world. The most pure gutians are now known as jews. Jews moved to Canaan from Sumer and then they mixed with semites and so was jewish nation born. Jews escaped from Sumer in Gudea's era. Those parasites are straight descendants of those who destroyed Sumer!

Other gutian nations are kurds, zazas, armenoids/armenians and talishes. As you can see, they still live in their historical gutian area causing problems to every neighbournations. One gutian-dravidid mixturenation is gipsies and just see them, you can realize whatkind of people they are.

So, Gutian Occupied Goverment means that if the strongest gutian nation (jews) get the power somewhere, all non-gutians will suffer. Just read some history and you will realize. It is well known from European, Asian, American and even African history.

In future only Turanians, and nations who are friendly to us, or gutians can be exist!

In which side you want to be?

Death to GOG!

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"Multikultur - Eine unmögliche vision, part 2"

Less than one year ago I wrote an article about multiculturalism in our societies and about its danger to our countries and peoples. I used the French "youth riots", which were organized by the criminal foreigners, as an example to warn that if we don't care about that what is going on in France, it will happen all over in Europe in few years.

Destroyed cars, burnt by the foreigners, beaten people, beaten by the foreigners, destroyed properties, destroyed by the foreigners. War cries by the foreigners - by some teenagers from the slums of Paris. I couldn't help thinking that in larger imagine, these riots did not happen far away, these riots happened in country that I used to call as "France".

This is the picture of Europe in few years, the foreigners and immigrates that are welcomed by the governments are running over us. Europe have fought many battles of its surviving, now Europe have to fight against the impossible vision, against the multiculturalism, Europe have to fight for that what we consider as European.

Multiculturalism will be Europe's own 9/11, this time there will be more deaths than 3000, whole nations will disappear and these nations will be re-placed by people who don't have any kind of civilzation, no ability to write or read, no ability to create anything. This is the new era of dark, this is the era what certain people or groups of people want that we will face.

"Report: The flood is coming to North!"

As I wrote in my article last year that these French "youth riots" would be possible in Finland, I verdicted right. I read from the newspaper Kaleva, 10th of September, that 8 Africans men have beaten a Finnish man (born in 1975) in Oulu. Last year I didn't see many big foreign-gangs in Oulu, but now when we have got more immigrates in the last months, they have come to our streets and started gangs.

In bigger cities in Southern-Finland the immigrate gangs are a big problem. In Turku, southwest in Finland, some activists have started own patrolls that are patrolling over the city and making the streets safer for the Finns, when the police are not able to do that. The media have already published this as "racism". Maybe these patrolls are able to prevent murders by the foreigners, last year in Helsinki they couldn't. 38 years old man, a father and husband, was killed this kind of gang on his way to home. This gang was structured by 6-8 Somalians and Finns. The result of multiculturalism is murdering.

Last summer, June 2005, a young Finnish woman was gang-raped by 3 Sudanese men. The district attorney of Oulu, Jouko Heikkinen, said he have never seen that kind of cruel rape.
1st of November 2005, these three Sudanese rapers were convicted, the newspaper Kaleva reported of their coviction on the following day: "Michael Andrew Lofo and Gak Willyang Mogdam were convicted for 4 years and 3 months in prison, Muawia Abuzaid Tutu Atiya was sentenced 2 years and 8 months to prison." The maxium sentence of rape in Finland is 10 years in prison. Since Lofo, Mogdam and Atiya are "first-timers" in prison, they have to sit of their penalty only half time. Soon they are again outside and spreading the message of multiculturalism.

Some days ago, I was going to home from Super-market nearby my home. I saw about 13 years old Somalian boy biking, I also saw two young Finnish girls walking. This somalian boy with his big mouth immediately started to yell those girls "Whaz up, my bitch?" they didn't even watch him. Then it was my turn, and this somalian boy said with African-American dialect: "Whaz up, man?" I ignored him. Immediately he started to yell behind my back "You muthafucka, you bitch!" These people have no manners at all, he was a kid, I am sure his parents have not taught him any manners nor respect.

I just ask a question. What will happen when these people grow older and they are settled all around the country and cities? Are those people that should be the once who are re-placing our so called employment problem? No, these foreign people will start their own ghettos in our Finnish neighbourhoods, we don't have to wait 10 years that this will happen, it happens in 5 years. The flood is coming to North.

Who wants multiculturalism?

The Zillion dollar question. Multiculturalism is a subject that have been brought up by the government and their "helpers." The government is saying that we have to be tolerant and we have to accept different cultures and people in our countries, and without them we don't have any future. The multiculturalism is tought only for Finns, only for Swedes, only for Germans and other Europeans. People can not say that multiculturalism would be something bad since the governments, schools, universities have taught them that multiculturalism is something good.

Who believes in multiculturalism? Immigrates? Not even them according to Martinez Carillo. Martinez Carillo is a Spaniard (spanish) living in Oulu and Carillo interviewed hundreds of immigrates for his questionaire, and the result was published in the newspaper Kaleva 20.11.2005. Here are some thoughts about Finns by the immigrates.
"Finns don't know anything about different cultures."
"Finns are cold hearted against the foreigners."
"Finns don't have any symphaty for other people's problems. Especially young people are very selfish."
"There aren't any culture in Finland, only drinking alcohol and having Sauna."
By Carillo's questionaire came out that the immigrates feel that Finnish culture is very different than their own countries' culture and so they can not come into the Finnish culture. They also feel that learning Finnish is difficult and the employers are racists when they (immigrates) can not speak Finnish.

In next years we have Africans, Asians and other foreigners who don't speak Finnish and who can not come in the Finnish society. Even the immigrates themselves are clearly seeing that the multicultural society doesn't work. The government knows this but still they continue with their lies about the dream society of multiculturalism. I say, and I think I speak for millions of people, stop immigrates, stop building multicultural society, we don't want it, the immigrates don't want it, who really wants that.


In my article, monikulttuurisuus on mahdoton visio, I challenged people to tell me why we need multiculturalism, how they can say we need that. I got three answers, one wrote that you can hear different languages, other wrote because we are living in "global world" and one and the same wrote again "because of our one and together Earth." Still, no one have been able to give me any answer.

Once again, I dedicate this article for Germans, and especially for thinking Germans, since my article "Multikultur - Eine unmögliche vision" is forbidden there and some people have to go even to trial because of publishing my article.

Germans, don't give up in these hard times when the government are persecuting thinking nationalists, keep doing the work for the German people and German Reich. The hard times gives knowledge and power to be dedicated and determinated.

With nationalists greetings,

And in german language:

Multikultur -Eine unmögliche Vision, Teil 2

Vor nicht einmal einem Jahr schrieb ich einen Artikel über Multikultur in unserer Gesellschaft und über die Gefahren, die dadurch für Land und Leute entstehen. Die Krawalle in Frankreich, die von jungen, kriminellen Ausländern ausgingen, dienten mir als Beispiel für etwas, das sich schon bald in ganz Europa ereignen wird, wenn wir die Ereignisse in Frankreich einfach ignorieren.

Demolierte Autos, niedergebrannt von Ausländern, Menschen, die von Fremden verprügelt wurden und zerstörte Besitztümer. Der Krieg wurde von Ausländern ausgerufen - von einigen Teenagern aus den Slums von Paris. Ich kann nicht verstehen dass man das alles weit von sich weist, denn das alles geschah ganz in der Nähe, in einem Land namens Frankreich.

In einigen Jahren wird das das Bild von Europa sein. Die Ausländer und Immigranten, die von den Regierungen willkommen geheißen werden, überrennen uns. Europa hat schon oft ums Überleben gekämpft, doch nun muss Europa für das kämpfen, was wir als Europa betrachten.

Multikultur wird Europas eigener 11. September sein, aber dieses Mal wird es über 3000 Tote geben Ganze Nationen werden verschwinden, und diese Nationen werden von unzivilisierten Menschen, die weder lesen noch schreiben können und nicht die Fähigkeiten besitzen, etwas eigenes zu kreieren, ersetzt werden.

"Die Flut kommt nach Norden!"

Als ich letztes Jahr in meinem Artikel schrieb, dass diese "Krawalle" auch in Finnland möglich seien, sollte ich recht behalten. In der Zeitung Kaleva lass ich am 10ten September, dass 8 afrikanische Männer einen 31-jährigen Finnen in Oulu zusammengeschlagen haben. Noch letztes Jahr traf man in Oulu kaum auf Ausländergangs, aber nun, nachdem in den letzten Monaten immer mehr Immigranten kamen, versammelten sich die Ausländer auf den Straßen und gründeten Gangs.

In größeren Städten Südfinnlands sind diese Immigrantengangs ein großes Problem.
In Turku, im Südwesten Finnlands, gründeten einige Aktivisten eigene Patrouillen, die die Stadt bewachen und so die Strassen für Finnen sicherer machen, da die Polizei das nicht schafft. In den Augen der Medien wird schon das als "Rassismus bezeichnet". Vielleicht können diese Patrouillen in Zukunft verhindern, dass Menschen von Ausländern ermordet werden, aber letztes Jahr konnten sie das nicht. Ein 38-jähriger Familienvater wurde von auf seinem Heimweg so einer Gang ermordet. Diese Gang bestand aus 6-8 Somalier und Finnen. Das Ergebnis von Multikultur sind Morde.

Letzten Sommer, im Juni 2005, wurde eine finnische Frau von 3 Sudanesen ermordet. Ein Staatsanwalt aus Oulu, Jouko Heikkinen, sagte, dass er noch niemals zuvor eine so grausame Vergewaltigung gesehen habe.

Am 1. November 2005 wurden diese 3 Sudanesischen Rapper verurteilt. Die Zeitung Kaleva berichtete von ihrer Verurteilung und dem darauffolgenden Tag: "Michael Andrew Lofo und Gak Willyang Mogdam wurden zu einer Gefängnisstrafe von 4 Jahren und 3 Monaten verurteilt, Muawia Abuzaid Tutu Atiya zu 2 Jahren und 8 Monaten." Die Höchststrafe für einen solchen Delikt liegt in Finnland bei 10 Jahren Haft. Doch da Lofo, Mogdam und Atiya "Ersttäter" waren, müssen sie nur die Hälfte ihrer Strafe absitzen. Bald schon werden sie wieder auf freien Fuß sein und die Botschaft von Multikultur verbreiten.
Vor einigen Tagen kam ich gerade vom Supermarkt in der Nähe meines Hause als ich einen ungefähr 13-jahre alten, Fahrrad fahrenden Somalier sah und ich sah auch, wie 2 finnische Mädchen an ihm vorbei gingen. Der Somalier begann sofort, sie mit seinem großen Mund anzuschreien: "Was geht, du Bitch?". Doch sie beachteten ihn nicht. Dann war ich an der Reihe und der Somalier sagte mit Afro -Afrikanischen Dialekt:" Was geht?" Ich ignorierte ihn. Sofort begann er hinter mir herzuschreien: "Du Motherfucher, du Bitch!" Diese Leute haben keine Manieren; er war noch ein Kind, aber ich bin mir sicher, dass seine Eltern ihm weder Manieren noch Respekt beigebracht haben.

Ich frage mich: "Was wird passieren, wenn diese Leute älter werden und sich auf der ganzen Welt, in jeder Stadt, niederlassen?" Sind es etwa die Leute, die die Arbeitslosigkeit beseitigen sollen? Nein, diese Leute werden ihre Ghettos neben finnischen Nachbarschaften gründen, es wird nicht erst in 10 Jahren geschehen, nein, das alles wird in 5 Jahren passieren Die Flut kommt nach Norden.

Wer will Multikultur?

Die Zillionen Dollar Frage. Multikultur ist ein Thema, dass von der Regierung und ihren "Helfern" aufgegriffen wurde. Die Regierung meint, dass wir tolerant sein müssen und andere Kulturen und Menschen in unserem Land akzeptieren müssen, weil wir ohne sie keine Zukunft haben werden. Multikultur wird nur Finnen, nur Schweden, nur Deutschen und anderen Europäern gelehrt. Die Leute haben nicht geglaubt, dass Multikultur schlecht sei, bis die Regierung, Schulen und Universitäten ihnen lehrten, dass es gut sei.

Wer glaubt an Multikultur? Immigranten? Nicht einmal sie, wenn man Martinez Carillo Glauben schenkt. Martinez Carillo ist ein Spanier, der in Oulu lebt und Hunderte von Immigranten mithilfe eines Fragebogens interviewte und dieses Ergebnis wurde in der Zeitung "Kaleva" vom 20.11.2005 veröffentlicht. Hier sind einige Gedanken über Finnen, die von Immigranten stammen.

"Finnen wissen nichts über fremde Kulturen"

"Finnen sind anderen Menschen gegenüber gefühllos"

"Finnen interessieren sich nicht für die Probleme anderer Menschen. Besonders junge Menschen sind egoistisch."

Bei Carillos Fragebogen kam heraus, dass die Immigranten finden, die finnische Kultur unterscheide sich zu sehr von der ihres Heimatlandes, und deshalb glauben sie, sie könnten sich der finnischen Kultur nicht anpassen. Außerdem halten sie die finnische Sprache für zu schwer und sie meinen, Arbeitgeber seien Rassisten, wenn Immigranten kein finnisch können.

In den nächsten Jahren wird es Afrikaner, Asiaten und andere Ausländer geben, die kein finnisch können und sich nicht in die finnische Gesellschaft integrieren wollen. Sogar die Immigranten verstehen, dass eine multikulturelle Gesellschaft nicht funktionieren kann.

Auch die Regierung weiß dass, aber dennoch bleiben sie bei ihren Lügen über die multikulturelle Traumgesellschaft. Ich meine, und ich glaube ich spreche damit für Millionen Menschen: "Stoppt Immigranten, hört auf, die multikulturelle Gesellschaft auszubauen, wir wollen es nicht und auch die Immigranten wollen es nicht, Wer also will Multikultur?


In meinem Artikel "monikulttuurisuus on mahdoton visio" forderte ich die Menschen auf, mir zu erklären, warum wir Multikultur brauchen und wie sie sagen können, dass wir sie brauchen. Ich erhielt 3 Antworten: Einer schrieb, dass man so verschiedene Sprachen hören könnte, ein anderer schrieb, weil wir in einer globalen Welt leben würden und der selbe meinte auch, weil wir alle auf der selben Erde leben. Immer noch habe ich keine Antwort auf meine Frage.

Mal wieder widme ich diesen Artikel den Deutschen, und besonders den denkenden Deutschen, da mein Artikel "Multikultur - eine unmögliche Vision" dort verboten wurde und sogar Leute vor Gericht gestellt wurden, weil sie ihn veröffentlicht haben.

Deutsche, gebt in diesen harten Zeit, wenn die Regierung Nationalisten verfolgt, nicht auf, kämpft weiterhin für das deutsche Volk und das deutsche Reich, Was euch nicht umbringt macht euch stärker!

Mit nationalem Gruß

Many guys have been arrested and jailed and put prison in Germany just for publishing that article!

I ask is that democracy?

I say that Germany, like almost rest of the world are occupied by "poor victims of WWII and holocaust"!

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Vihdoinkin jaksoin aloittaa oman nettipäiväkirjan tekemisen. Tosin eipä tämä ole päiväkirjaksi tarkoitettu, vaan enemmänkin ideologiseksi mielipideblogiksi.

Tulevina päivinä lisään artikkeleita Suomeksi ja englanniksi, sekä yhden saksaksi. Kyseisestä saksankielisestä artikkelista sen verran, että sen kirjoittaja, joka on hyvä ystäväni, on mm. tuon artikkelin takia terrorismista epäilty SuPon taholta ja Saksassa valmistellaan ehkä pidätysmääräystä. Moni on jo menettänyt vapautensa sionistisen miehityshallinnon harjoittaman poliittisen vainon takia, ja eräissä tapauksissa syynä on ollut juuri tuo artikkeli. No, eipä muuta todennäköisesti tänään, ellen sitten saa inspiraatiota. :)

Articles coming soon!

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